How to Hang Removable Wallpaper

  • Lightly sand the entire surface to remove lumps off the wall. (If your walls are in bad condition, you may need to apply a lining paper under the wallpaper, see our lining paper under Wallpaper Tools on our website)
  • Plaster smooth any holes &/or cracks
  • Once dry, sand all the patched areas & dust the wall down
  • Apply Wallpaper Size to the wall (we recommend Metylan Wallpaper Glue for Sizing your wall) Follow the instructions & roll on the recommended size evenly with a paint roller & allow it to dry
  • We recommend Metylan Wallpaper Glue to be used as an adhesive
  • Apply the glue directly to the wall surface
  • This can be done with a paint roller & a brush
  • Ensure that the Wallpaper rolls are from the same batch number. Contact your Supplier if this is not the case
  • Work out how you will hang your wallpaper. It is best to work away from a main source of light such as a window & finish in a discreet area such as behind a door
  • Measure the width of the wallpaper 
  • For the first sheet measure from the corner 20mm less than the width of the paper & mark this point on the wall.
  • Using a Level or a Plumb Bob, ensure your paper is straight
  • For the next sheets mark out the width of the wallpaper from that above point
  • Starting from the top of your wall, unfold the top portion of your wallpaper
  • Press the wallpaper against the wall, lining up with your marked plumb lines on the wall & leaving 20mm for trimming along the ceiling line
  • Moving in a downward direction stroke the wallpaper against the wall using a brush or smoother to position it against the wall
  • Once the wallpaper is in position smooth it over and remove any air bubbles
  • Using a utility knife, cut the 20mm of extra paper at the ceiling and the floor
  • Remove any extra paste by carefully sponging it off with a lint free clean cloth/sponge
  • With your next piece slide the paper into the position so the patterns match & the joins butt together
  • Once you have placed the second strip on the wall, smooth the wallpaper removing bubbles
  • Wipe your joins with a lint free clean cloth/sponge

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